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Easy Steps to Clean Hardwood Floors

Exotic hardwood floors makes it a favorite of homeowners due to their elegance and character of hardwood flooring. however, homeowners should think twice for cleaning these floors. If one is serious about considering hardwood floors, the way he plans or wills to treat that floor, is essential. Wooden floor is a beautiful, natural, and timeless design and element. Consistent caring and correct maintenance will ensure that the flooring remains that way. But the question is how you could really go about cleaning the floors the easy way so that you can give it the care it needs for many years to come.


For real clean floors, it's better to make sure that the whole area is clean by preventing the dirt from spreading. This can be done by placing area rugs or walking mats at each entryway to collect the grit and dirt that might have already tracked in. These particles are very good at contributing scratches to your floor even if it has great floor finishes. However, you should avoid non-ventilated or rubber-backed rugs or mats as they can easily damage wood floors. Instead, use rugs or mats especially made for hardwood flooring and remember to always shake them out.


Aside from the entryways, you should also place mats in areas close to water contact, such as those near kitchen sink or bathroom. Techniques for cleaning these floors vary depending on the installation as well as the finish of the hardwood floor. For pre-finished floors, you can use an 8"x14" terrycloth mop that comes with a rotating head to make cleaning under cabinets, corners, and base boards a simple and easy task. You can also try the steam clean method or spray a professional floor cleaning product.


One should ask for recommendation from his retailer to remove spills and tough stains safely without dulling the hardwood floor finish of your floor. Pre-finished wood floor manufacturers recommend specific products designed for the routine maintenance of their wood flooring. You should also check these cleaning products with your local retailers. Beyond surface cleaning, there are available some deeper cleaning methods. If your wood floor is showing extreme dullness or excessive wear and you think normal cleaning won't really work, you may consider the screening and recoating method.

Screening Methods

: The method for screening is the process of abrading the polyurethane floor finish currently on the flooring then applying fresh coats of urethane. Screening and re-coating methods are good for rejuvenating and prolonging the life of the floor. However, if the damage is severe and has already gone through the stains of the boards down the bare wood, you can just sand and refinish. Just remember that this should be a last resort only if screening and re-coating does not really solve the problem. This is because this is such an extensive process that involves sanding down the floor to bare wood, re-staining, and refinishing. my great mops can help you attain better mops for each hardwood as well as the linoleum floors.


Cleaning hardwood floors does not have to be that hard especially if the damage is not that severe yet. However, if you want to get away with this, you can try some preventative methods to prolong the life of your hardwood floors. Have you ever asked for the warranty of the hard floor mop before Choosing a machine to cut wastage of money and time in repairs.

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